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Every design is made with thought, savvy and creativity. Market and industry research adds value to each project which in turn helps us provide you with an industry specific design that is unique and effective. We develop this identity over time, working closely with you to create an engaging end result that represents your business and your industry.

We understand the complexities of data management, the life blood of any company. You provide us with your raw data and using web based technologies we will build the bridge to useful, reliable information, business intelligence. The benefits are numerous and include access from anywhere in the world, instant email or sms notifications and consolidation to help make sure your business is running no matter where you are or what you are doing.



From the micro to the macro, we are mad about it all. We boast projects from the Corporate: designing brochures, letterheads, internal communications and more, within your corporate branding guidelines while ensuring the design works and wows, to the Personal: engaging designs that give that occasion, like with a pinch of salt added flavour. Design fuses with all our services, it is around us, we use it everyday and we can provide you with that end to end solution.

We’ll create an expressive web presence for you. By ensuring a responsive, visually inviting design, we know that you will be well represented on the web. Your identity is evident on every page and with every click. We take care of all the ones and zeros, to provide you with something pixel perfect. You decide on the amount of control you want with your website, we provide management solutions that can set your mind at ease. Psst.. we even offer social media setup and management.

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Hello, I'm the developer...

I have been programming for some years and still find myself doing it almost everyday. I think it is the problem solving nature of programming that has me so infatuated with it. My background in business development is an important part of why today I focus my skills at helping businesses solve problems. From branding and websites to enterprise wide applications, when we at isArray take code and mix it with design the results are legendary.

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Hello, I'm the designer...

Design for me was an accident, a key part of a job I fell into in the communications department of a large corporation. The more I learned to create the more I fell in love with design which, has by luck and hard work, led to a career. I really enjoy being able to bring ideas and concepts to life, digitally. I look forward to starting my day with a cup of coffee and an open Adobe Illustrator artboard. Design to me is the face of code, because, lets be honest, code without design would just be a black screen with green letters.

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